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Registration fees 

Category Until Oct 13, 2021 (R$) Until Oct 28, 2021 (R$) After Oct 28, 2021 (R$)
Senior 1.330,00 1.348,00 1.373,00
Regular 774,00 792,00 817,00
Regular (SBC member) 450,00 465,50 488,75
Regular (registration + 4-month SBC membership) 543,00 558,50 581,75
Regular (registration + 12-month SBC membership) 729,00 744,50 767,75
Author surcharge for second paper 200,00
Graduate student 153,00 156,00 162,00
Graduate student (SBC member) 50,00 52,50 57,75
Graduate student (registration + 4-month SBC membership) 82,67 85,17 90,42
Graduate student (registration + 12-month SBC membership) 148,00 150,50 155,75
Author surcharge for graduate student 200,00
Undergraduate student 46,00 48,00 50,00
Undergraduate student (SBC member) 20,00 21,00 23,10
Undergraduate student (registration + 4-month SBC membership) 28,00 29,00 31,10
Undergraduate student (registration + 12-month SBC membership) 44,00 45,00 47,10
Author surcharge for undergraduate student 230,00
  • Proof of status for categories that require it (e.g. students, members of other scientific societies, etc.) must be uploaded at the time of registration. The verification of this document is made by the SBC team and may take up to one business day; only after verification, the payment methods will be unlocked. Those who opt for a COMBO will have their SBC membership automatically created and will receive an e-mail with guidelines on how to take advantage of the benefits offered by SBC. Membership is for one year only and does not imply automatic renewal.
  • Payments via debit card or "boletos" must be done before November 17, 2021.
  • The Combo was created by SBC to unify membership fees ​​and event registration. The idea is to provide a cheaper option for these two benefits (i.e. the event registration and SBC membership) in comparison to their purchase in a separate way. In addition to signing up for the event, you become associated with SBC for one year. It is important to note that the association does not imply any obligation, of any nature, to the registrant with SBC, but it allows you to access the list of SBC membership benefits (for more information see the SBC FAQ).

Publication Policy

At least one author of each accepted paper must be registered in the event by the camera-ready deadline of October 3, 2021 for the paper to be included in the Proceedings. An author surcharge applies to registrations in the student categories. LADC, SBC, and IEEE also enforce a strict no-show policy, which requires that at least one author attend the conference and present the paper in order to have it published in the Proceedings.

Cancelation Policy

Registrations can be canceled up to a week before the event. Only 80% of the registration fee will be refunded, with the remaining 20% covering the associated administrative costs. To cancel a registration, please contact faturamento@sbc.org.br.