Instructions for Participants

Asynchronous Interaction Tools

We will be using Mattermost, with a specific channel for each item of the Program. To access the platform, use the same email you have used to register for the event via SBC's ECOS. To set your password, click on "I forgot my password." The reset email should be almost instantaneous. If you don't receive the email, please get in touch using this email ladc@lisha.ufsc.br.

On each channel's header, you will find a link to the associated materials (e.g. paper, video, tutorial) that can be accessed using the password you received via email (which is also visible here). You can read the paper and watch the video in advance. You can also post your questions on the channel in advance. Authors will respond on-demand in this asynchronous phase. You will receive an invitation to join Mattermost starting November 16.

Synchronous Interaction Tools

We will be using RNP's ConferênciaWeb with a single community for the whole program. The community's rooms will be used by authors as scheduled in the Program, with the presentation video being played by the chairs and the authors being online to answer questions live and also to comment on the most relevant questions received via the corresponding Mattermost channel. To access the community, you must log into the platform and request participation in the community using the link above. The support team will verify the request and validate it after confirming your registration. After receiving community access, the conference rooms will be available for access on the day of the event.

Live Streaming

We will be streaming the synchronous sessions over YouTube, so you can also follow them here.


Participation certificates are issued by the SBC's ECOS registration system and will be available from November 25. Just recover your registration and you will see a link called Generate a Certificate. Click on it and save the generated PDF file.


A hotline via WhatsApp will be available at LISHA's main number +55 48 3721-9516 starting November 20st.